Community Art Jam
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Not your typical Arts Jam.

Community Arts Jam is a series of dialogue sessions that aims to be a platform to share, innovate and build the community arts sector.

Experienced community arts practitioners will share their practices and means to achieving their intended social outcomes; and participants will brainstorm, generate ideas and build on each others' experiences to develop new and exciting ways of using and engaging communities with art.

Within the session, look forward to:
- "Ask me Anything”, where participants can pose questions to the speakers, and
- A free-flow networking session at My Art Space Cafe

So, if you are someone who is interested in Community Art, or is an artist who wants to use your artistic talent for social change, or a community/social worker who wants to bring the arts into your work, Community Art Jam is the place for you.

The Community Art Jam series provides participants with a better sense of how to pursue and develop a community arts career and how to support this sector. With an expanding network of civic-minded artists and volunteers, can we see an active and caring society in the horizon?